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I'm thinking it will be a bit of a struggle to find something for this "info" page. But then - isn't the internet stuffed with random bits of information?


So how hard could it be?







I promised you FREE, and here it is (although in fact you'd be much better going for the PRO version - it won't break the bank).


A cute little - but very useful - program that many of you need is called MyLockbox from FSPRO Labs (find them by clicking on the link HERE). I've been using this for a couple of months and have nothing but good to say of it.




Do you want to keep your files private?


Sometimes you don't want just anybody looking at your stuff!  But this is where this small but useful bit of software comes in. My Lockbox™ offers you one (for the free version) or more (PRO version) folders on your computer that are not only password protected but totally invisible to casual browsers.


Once you have set it up with your folder location and password, it will hide everything you place in that folder, until you want to open it. Not only on your own computer, but across the network, your hidden folder will be inaccessible.


Mylockbox doesn't take much space or memory, and it just sits there guarding your data until needed. It's the kind of software that everyone needs, but rarely discovers until its too late. So get it now!

Download My Lockbox now 


Not that it's related to the above, but I think you should be made aware of this VIRUS ALERT!!!


Then there are a couple of other things for you:



Firstly, do you like the template I've used for this little site? It was a freebie I got from "Template World"



CSS, Flash and Wordpress templates.

As I've appreciated those who spend their time creating free templates for your blog or website, I thought I'd pass on the favour and offer this zipped file of:


431 CSS Templates, 81 Flash Templates and 50 Wordpress Templates


It's about 200MB large, so be warned, but it's really quite useful.




Don't laugh. Many women need to know this. I was browsing in the local Oxfam store and a woman came in to ask "do you sell bra extenders?" No, they didn't. I nearly piped up and said "It's easy to make one, I'll show you how" because I have tons of the things.


They are SO useful that they have been all around the world with me. (Well, from Devon to Derbyshire.)


The problem with bras is, they tend to get tight, usually because you've put a few pounds on, or perhaps you feel bloated, or have indigenstion. One time I really needed one was after I'd had an operation on my abdomen, and it was swollen. I couldn't bear anything tight round my middle.


I make them adjustable so as you lose the pounds you can tighten the extender.


Instead of over-explaining it, I've given a Youtube link.


Basically, you cut off the hooked end-pieces - together with a little elastic - from an old bra, turn one side front and one side back (hooks point one way, eyes the other) and sew the two pieces together in the middle. Voila. (Or walla, as the American's say, and by the way, there's a H in the word HERB.)


In this clip she cuts off a huge piece of the old bra. Unless you just gained two stone, I suggest you trim the old bra nearly at the end, and just use the hookey bits.





Right, here's a piece of information that is for the select few, and you know who you are!


You are the ones who have sleep apnoea (which I refuse to spell apnea) and have to sleep with a mask. And they are damned uncomfortable, aren't they?


If you are anything like me, you have been ten times round the Internet looking for a really comfortable mask. But they don't exist!! You know why? The PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEM DON'T HAVE TO WEAR THEM!!!


Like a lot of poor uneducated dupes, I accepted the first mask I was given at the Sleep Clinic, which was a cheap item looking like a WW1 gas mask.


I quickly did the research and bought myself a Resmed mask (at great expense, since there is only ONE UK outlet for Redmed, and they control the prices, so they can ask whatever they want, ie, double what you'd have to payresmed mask in America.)


The latest Resmed (SwiftFX) mask is okay, but for me, it wasn't comfortable enough. The side pieces dug into my temples and the back strap gave me a headache.


Here's a model wearing it, and you can see how the bits at the side could dig into your head when you lay on your side.




Resmed have now cottoned onto something I discovered and put into practice Resmed Bella(of which more below) - that you could just as easily loop the mask piece round your ears with elastic, as pay over £100 for their product.


Rising to the challenge, they created this one, which does a similar thing. HOWEVER, the problem lies in the ears, ie, when you lay on your side to sleep, whatever goes round your ears quickly becomes very uncomfortable and sore.


The Resmed one uses a fairly thick rigid material, so I'm guessing this mask will be just as uncomfortable as their others.


You can judge for yourselves how this is going to feel on your ears after a night Resmed Bella Backor two. I tried this system using very thin rubber bands and other stretchy things, but my ears still got sore.


But then I hit upon a system that really did work, for a long while, and the design is ongoing as you'll see.




I used a pair of "hold-ups" (sock things made out of the same material as tights) and cut a band off the top of each one. You'll have to experiment a bit to find exactly the right size for your ears.


What you end up with is two SOFT elastic bands. These you can loop round the "nose hat" as we call it, or to give it the proper name, the nasal pillow, and then round your ears.


OR, you can go one better - use a discarded ResMed SwiftFX mask, trim the ends off the side pieces, so you now have two small attachments to the nasal pillow. These smaller attachments are used (in a similar way to the Bella ear mask above) with your elastic "bands".


Loop the bands round the hole in the two trimmed ends, and pop the bands round your ears. It stays on well! It's even immensely comfortable unless you have tender ears.


That's enough information for now.



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